The innovative Ingredients Box for School Food Technology Lessons ( a.k.a.the 'Gredi-Box'), has been designed in the UK to overcome two problem areas. The first problem being the amount of individual containers needed to take a variety of different ingredients to school for cooking classes and the second problem is supplying another container to bring the finished items home.

The 'OVENU' designed ingredients box provides two solutions in one and incorporates a host of features and benefits for pupils, teachers and parents.


The design has a truly modern feel and the use of only Hygiene Grade materials means the ingredients box is both practical and durable to meet the needs of all concerned.

The 'Gredi-Box' consists of three main parts. A 75mm deep partitioned base to place pre-prepared items for many popular school recipies using just the correct quantity of ingredients.

Ingredients Box Central BaseIngredients Box Central Base
Ingredients Box Central MembraneIngredients Box Central Membrane
Ingredients Box With LidIngredients Box With Lid

In the middle, a strong clear central membrane to keep the ingredients fresh and dry during transport and finally, a tough 75mm deep lid to store then finished meal on it’s way home.

(The lid section can also be used for taking more ‘bulky’ items that are required for some recipes safely into school).

All three items are held tightly together with three sturdy exterior clips.

Also included free in the first production batch of ingredients boxes is a permanent marker pen for the boxes to be personalised with the children’s name on the panel provided.

Ingredients BoxComplete Ingredients Box
Free PenFree Pen


A bag of 100 free mini-bags to enable children to take small quantities of solids or liquids into school. The mini-bags are ideal for ‘teaspoon’ measures and have a secure self-seal top.

Ingredients being measured for ingredients boxIngredients being measured
Ingredients being inserted into free bagUsing our free bags
Sealed BagSealed bag provided with Ingredients Box


4 free 100ml bottles are supplied with the 'Gredi-Box'.

Ingredients being measured for ingredients box using jugIngredients being measured using jug
Ingredients being poured into bottleIngredients being poured into bottle
Bottle with milk being inserted into Ingredients BoxBottle filled with milk is then inserted into Ingredients Box

2 bottles have smaller screw caps and these are for the safe transport of pre-measured liquids into school for cooking classes.

The 2 bottles with the larger screw caps can also be used for liquids if required but the principle idea is to use these items to bring eggs into school. Having 2 bottles means that, if the recipe requires, egg yolks and/or egg whites can both be brought safely to school.

* All these features and more for around £5.00 a year during the compulsory Food Technology Cooking Classes period*

Eggs being prepared for measurementEggs being prepared for measurement
Eggs poured into Ingredients Box bottleEggs poured into Ingredients Box bottle
Bottle with egg being inserted into Ingredients BoxBottle with egg being inserted into Ingredients Box

You can find all the extra information you’ll need explaining the original idea, the huge savings to be made, the material specifications, PTA information and how to be one of the first owners of a 'Gredi-Box',  by clicking either the tabs at the bottom of this page or the buttons to the left.

We hope you agree that the 'Gredi-Box' is truly innovative and a ‘must have’ accessory for the next school term.

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