The Ingredients Box Idea

The original idea for an ingredients box for schools was put forwards a couple of years ago and has progressed since then through all the stages to the item that’s now available.

The initial idea was to produce a promotional item for clients that used the OVENU oven valeting service as there is a huge amount of synergy between cooking in an oven and cleaning it!

This idea, coupled with first hand experience of the designer who had two teenage children at secondary school, has led to the evolution of the ingredients box for schools.

We also wanted to save parents millions of pounds a year!

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It quickly became apparent that a ‘give-away’ item would be somewhat flimsy and wouldn’t meet the high standards required both from an OVENU perspective and that of the end user. The OVENU oven valeting service has always stood for quality, value and service.

To that end, a far more substantial and practical item needed to be designed, manufactured and tested to meet the strict criteria on plastic products and the quality that is representative of the OVENU Trademark.

There seemed little point or purpose in providing an item to a potential market of nearly half a million young people a year that wasn’t going to fit the bill!

The design project was contracted to a UK firm and work started to produce a tough, practical item that would ‘tick all the boxes’ and subsequently represent superb value for money.

Attention to detail was top of the agenda in the design brief and we hope you’ll agree that this criteria has been met. We certainly do and, to back our belief, the ingredients box is guaranteed to be free of any manufacturing defects for a full 12 months.

We needed a box that could be used to safely transport just the correct amount of ingredients into school in the first instance and the box should also have a separate compartment for the prepared food to make it safely back home.

It was mentioned during the design stage that very few schools needed pupils to bring eggs into cooking classes. A shame really as many parents still enjoy home-made sponge cakes in particular!

Eggs being prepared for measurementEggs being prepared for measurement
Eggs poured into Ingredients Box bottleEggs poured into Ingredients Box bottle
Bottle with egg being inserted into Ingredients BoxBottle with egg being inserted into Ingredients Box

It was easy to work out why many school recipes didn’t include eggs!

Much design time was spent attempting to produce a container that would be suitable for children to take to school that contained eggs in their shells. After much deliberation, the penny finally dropped that this idea was fundamentally flawed. The most sensible and practical idea would be for the eggs to be ‘broken’ at home and then taken to school in separate plastic bottles that had a secure screw-on top.

Hindsight is a fabulous thing!

Hence the inclusion of two free bottles within the ingredients box for this specific purpose with wide aperture lids. The wide lids allow eggs to be broken directly into the bottles or, if needed, the eggs can be separated into yolks/whites and put into different bottles...a perfect solution and no ‘scrambled egg’ mixture created in the children’s rucksack on the way to school!

Two extra 100 ml bottles with smaller diameter lids are also included for transporting various liquids that have been pre measured at home.

Ingredients being measured for ingredients box using jugIngredients being measured using jug
Ingredients being poured into bottleIngredients being poured into bottle
Bottle with milk being inserted into Ingredients BoxBottle filled with milk is then inserted into Ingredients Box

Ideas just kept coming in during the design stage... one of which was a question raised about including something to transport small teaspoon quantities of ingredients.

The perfect solution here was to source self-seal ‘mini-bags’. 100 of these bags are included FREE with the ingredients box as these are ideal for holding salt, pepper, other seasonings and even small amounts of ketchup, mayonnaise, lemon juice etc. This idea saves children having to take whole bottles to school!

The final idea was to include a panel on the ingredients box for children to write their name on for easy identification. This panel has been incorporated along with a complimentary marker pen especially for this purpose.

Free PenFree Pen

We hope that all the ideas have come together nicely and if there are any further improvements that you feel we could make to the ingredients box, please let us know.

We trust that our product will serve your children well during their time in cooking classes and that you’ll also enjoy the prepared food that comes home!

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