Please read the following important Notes and Instructions carefully.

The enclosed ingredients box has been manufactured to extremely high standards from hygiene grade materials however our best advice is to wash and rinse all the parts prior to use either by hand in warm soapy water or in a dishwasher on the TOP SHELF only.

To open the ingredients box, pull the three black clips outwards (away from the box) and from the bottom of the clip as shown in the photograph below.

Ingredients Box Instructions Step 1 Step 1
Ingredients Box Instructions Step 2Step 2
Ingredients Box Central MembraneIngredients Box Central Membrane

Please note that the clips may be a little tight initially. These will become easier to undo when the box has been used a few times. Putting a little pressure on either the top of the box above each clip or the clip itself will help in the early stages of use.

The clear plastic central membrane is easily removed by holding the tabs at each side and gently pulling upwards as shown in the photograph below. The central membrane can only be replaced the correct way up (with the tabs uppermost) and in one position.

When replacing the ‘lid’ of the ingredients box please ensure that the ‘locator pin’ on the underside of the lid locates EXACTLY in the small indent in the central membrane. This will ensure that the securing catches line up perfectly with the lid. Please see picture below.

Replacing The Lid Of the Ingredients BoxReplacing The Lid

The MARKER PEN supplied, if used inappropriately, may be a Permanent Marker. The pen is supplied for children to write their name on the side of the Ingredients Box in the panel provided ONLY.

We strongly recommend therefore that the pens be kept safely at home.

The plastic Mini-Bags are designed to transport small quantities of ingredients for example, a teaspoon full of sugar or perhaps a teaspoon of ketchup. The bags should be securely sealed at the top using the ‘self-seal’ mechanism and put inside the Ingredients Box. Please ensure that these bags are used solely for the purpose intended, as plastic bag misuse can be dangerous. Please keep these items well away from very young children.

You’ll also find three complimentary plastic spoons included in the ingredients box. These items should be kept inside the box and used for the removal of ‘dry’ ingredients such as flour. The spoons are extremely flexible and should only be used for the purpose that they have been supplied.

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