Huge Savings

One of the main objectives of the ingredients box is to save parents hundreds of pounds during the three years that children are compulsorily required to attend cooking classes.

By having numerous compartments within the item this enables children to take just the right amount of ingredients to school. This idea alone should save hundreds of pounds worth of potential waste.

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As one of the designers told us, “My wife and I have just sent one of our children to school with over £12.00 worth of ingredients for a school recipe that should have been a couple of pounds! Our child was sent with numerous bottles, jars and full packets of ingredients as we simply didn’t have enough containers at home to put the various bits and pieces into. It was just easier to buy whole packets of things!"

By simply taking a few minutes with children weighing and measuring just the correct quantity of items that are probably already in the kitchen cupboard will save parents an awful lot of money.

Pupil preparing cooking ingredientsPupil preparing for cooking class
Pupil chopping chopping onionsStudent Chopping Onions
Pupil chopping tomatoesChopped Tomatoes

This exercise will also get children involved in the preparation of food prior to lessons and give them a better understanding of what goes into many food dishes. This could also save a lot of valuable time in the lessons themselves.

“This specially made product will definitely save parents a lot of money.”

We’ve calculated that if children attend between 30 and 40 cooking classes a year and just saving a mere ONE POUND a lesson by reducing waste then, over a three year period the initial investment of an ingredients box will be repaid Eight times over! A saving of £2.50 per lesson would repay the initial outlay nearly twenty times over during the compulsory period.

And it’s not just the savings on ingredients that need to be taken into account! The designer above added “I think we’ve probably only ever seen half of what our children have made at school because they never took a suitable container to school to bring home what they had made……it ended up in the school bin….what a waste!”

“By the time we’ve added on the cost of plastic pots we have supplied that haven’t made it home either, the cost just goes up and up.”

We hope you agree!

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